Hope and Faith in Bible Verse (End Times) Second Coming

Hope and Faith in Bible Verse (End Times) Second Coming


Getting up in the morning,
I do my daily routine,
I Slept in the night,
This happened for many days,
Then days become months,
Alas! months became years.
Wait now need to think about my life,
Is my life different than others?
The answer is no,
All these years,
The only thing I was doing is running,
Some run behind Name,
Some run behind Fame,
Some run behind happiness.
Is life meant for this?
Ultimately, Graveyard is the reality.
Then who am I?
What is my identity in this infinite universe,
The answer is just a question mark,
Human beings don’t even know who we are,
and where do we stand?
In this infinite universe,
Yet have an unbelievable EGO,
In everything there is EGO,
I, me and myself..
People spend their entire life,
Running behind the factors
Such as Me and Mine.
Is it Worth it?
Bible teaches us,
God will provide, just depend upon him…
Actually, God wants us to be near him, through prayers.
Because Jesus has given his life for us,
We have been bought from his blood.
The truth about what is happening in this world,
No one is concerned, about Sin,
Am I living a sinful life?
Bible says :
Everyone sinned (1 John 1:10)
There was a stage where god regretted after making Humans (Genesis 6:6)
But It is also written :
God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son
so that whoever believes in him has eternal life.
We need only to repent from our Sins,
The time is near,
The kingdom of God is near,
Every knee will bow in front of Jesus.
Every knee will bow in front of Jesus.

– Prabha

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