Is there a such thing as miracles? Do angels really exist? Almost every religion has their own accounts of miracles: divine events that seem to transcend the natural law. despite scientific progress, there are still many miraculous phenomena that haven’t been explained. Contrary to the belief of some, miracles are happening every day and a number of them were captured on camera. Here are seven of the most miraculous moments caught on camera.
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➽ Baby survived the impossible with the help of mysterious voice
Tiny Lily Groesbeck was trapped in the car for 14 hours after an accident that killed her mother, Jennifer, in Utah. But when local officers arrived, they heard an adult voice asking for help before discovering the unconscious 18-month-old baby strapped in the backseat. It is unintelligible on the footage but appears to be a plea for help as officer Jared Warner responds: “We’re helping, we’re coming”.

➽ Balloon Comforts Grieving Mother
This video captures a strange supernatural moment that a grieving mother is seemingly comforted by a white balloon at the wake of her son in the Philippines. The 7-year-old boy had died in September, 2015. Two videos have been released of the incident by the family. In the first video, we see the boy’s white coffin covered in flowers and balloons.

➽ Charlene Deherrera was rescued from a submerged SUV.
The water flooded the Pueblo street and carried the SUV down the road in as much as 10 ft of water. Bystanders swam out to rescue the woman. She was trapped inside the SUV and couldn’t swim. All four windows were shut tight as it sank. The first to reach her was a doctor, the try he did that stick he had was no match for the safety glass.
MSNBC (now missing from NBC archive videos)

➽ Dead Filipino Toddler Wakes Up at Funeral.
A 3-year-old girl who was previously pronounced medically dead awoke at her funeral in the Philippines. The girl, whose name has not been released, apparently suffered through several days of high fever before she was brought to a local medical clinic where a physician pronounced her dead. Then, at the funeral, the mourners spotted the girl move her head while they were inspecting the coffin and she was alive.

➽ Holy man in India claims he didn’t eat or drink for 70 years.
A self-proclaimed yogi, 83 years old prasad jani is a followers of hindu goddess, amba. he says that goddess provides him a liquid sustenance which is fed through hole in his palate allowing him to live without food and water.

➽ Tears of Our lady of akita.
The Our Lady of Akita was documented crying human tears in over 101 occurrences over a span of 6 years in Japan. The tears were sampled and brought to oxford university to verify that they were infact human tears. This signified and apocalyptic message is warning that the world needs to hold more confidence in god else calamities will happen all over the world.


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    Death: It’s time for you to go
    God: Not today

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    The white balloon video is a normal video played backwards. As simple as that.

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    Drugs, man, Ya gotta quit!

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    I believe God now

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    Please join my Facebook page! Jesus came to me for the first time in my life and gave me a vision! Please post any miracles you come across!Thank you Andrew for sharing this! For the first time in my life Jesus shared a vision with me that we’re going to start seeing miracles popping up everywhere that no one can explain. He said the media will have to start broadcasting it because it will be happening everywhere. This will force those that are not walking with Him to see miracles and choose whether or not they will accept Him as their savior. It was so clear to me, this vision that I created a group called “The miracles coming to light in 2020” I’d urge you all to post any miracles you see! There will be no denying Jesus is real!

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    I believe in miracles! My brother went into a coma and the doctors were about to bury him the next day but my mother locked herself in the room with him for a few hours and he just came back to life. The lady whose son brought her a balloon needs to tell him to cross over and not to worry! Over there is a much happier place and the angels and ancestors are waiting for him.. .

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    I love how Indian people talk

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    The baby one died after that

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    Yes there are miracles i serve an awsome GOD

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    Watching the stars..on a clear nigjt..the moon..the way the world rotates..every single day….the sun isnt to far..or to close for us…the list goes on..how can some think its all just a coincidence

  17. Donna Capacete on February 24, 2022 at 11:06 pm

    I remember that video with the grieving mother and the balloon. I was watching the entire video on yahoo news when suddenly I smelled something very fragrant – like a flower. Tried to locate where the smell came from, we had no flowers or plants inside the house. To this day, I still wonder what it is.

  18. Lawrence Goose99 on February 24, 2022 at 11:06 pm

    That 1st video. Proves we have angels

  19. Lvvry1 on February 24, 2022 at 11:06 pm

    Only the brain dead do not look around and wonder, "Why does anything exist? Why do things come into being and out of being? Where does the genius of humankind come from? Why is our intelligence able to imagine and build cars, planes, rocket ships, or invent medicines, vaccines, etc.,etc., etc? Only the brain dead consider it all a normal, expected evolution..

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    Zero proof and zero miraculous content

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    that crying there is alot of more intense of that in the philipines crying blood

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    I had cervical cancer because of my HPV I was depressed and stressed, but after using doctorojie1@yahoo.com herbal medication for 14 days my result came out negative.

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    Once the inside of the car fills with water you can open a car door underwater!

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    The balloon.

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    How about a super hero coming to life? https://youtube.com/shorts/r3-M_zfqOFM?feature=share could count as a miracle

  31. Blake Johnson on February 24, 2022 at 11:31 pm

    Basic Christianity evidence
    This is the truth no sugar coating. This is a cumulative case for why Christianity is the one true worldview.

    IF Christianity is true would YOU become a Christian? If yes thank you for seeking truth. If no then you are on a happiness quest and have irrelevant subjective objections to God which wouldn’t matter if he’s real. For the truth seekers still here please look into this stuff. Also what do you have to lose? If you find this claim to be true you have answered the biggest question in the universe. If you find it to be false your life has no objective meaning anyway so the time you spent researching wouldn’t hurt whatsoever.

    First of all whoever is reading this Jesus loves his creation died as a sacrifice for the punishment for our sins so we can attain eternal life through him. All you have to do is accept that gift and follow him. If Christianity is false you live an objectively purposeless life so by researching and win and lose nothing. If Christianity is true and you reject you receive punishment for your sins which is eternal separation from God and everything that has to do with God’s nature commonly known as hell. Some atheists who are wise in saying this would say even if I didn’t agree with the Christian God I would worship and submit to him out of fear anyone with intelligence would. The problem is you must also love God as well to be saved. We are called to fear the Lord but also to love him. It isn’t contradictory either let me explain. In a similar way we’re supposed to love and fear our fathers on earth. With God we are called to love and fear him MORE than anything on earth. If Christianity is true you discover the BIGGEST answer to the BIGGEST question in the entire known universe. Before any of your objections come into play if Christianity is true they don’t matter. Remember this. Just because you don’t like the truth doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Also many people don’t fully understand the faith and have MANY misconceptions that if they actually did research on the Christian point of view rather than just looking into atheistic objections they would see what i’m arguing for. I urge you to research.

    My personally reasons for faith (which isn’t evidence it’s just my testimony.)
    The reason I believe and have faith in that belief is because of the evidence, the probability of a creator, eye witness testimony to miracles, people’s life experience, everything we as humans know about science, and my life experience. I’ve witnessed miracles, signs, and wonders science could never explain. I used to be an apathetic and at times hostile agnostic atheist who claimed to seek truth, but there were times when I saw compelling Christianity evidence and I would seek instant confirmation bias (even if it wasn’t plausible) so I could sleep at night. Don’t be one of those people. Seek truth despite all irrelevant subjective objections. Objective truth is what matters.


    Look into the resurrection evidence, the fine tuning argument, the moral argument, the teleological argument, the cosmological argument. The sophisticated complicated language of DNA. The origins of life. Think about how things like purpose and love seem like they actually matter rather than irrelevant chemical reactions. Look into the law and order of the known universe. The only reason we can even do science the way we do is on the assumption the universe has order. Look into Biblical prophecy, look into Christian miracles, eye witness testimony to miracles, life testimonies from Christians, Watch near death experiences where people see Jesus or heaven and hell (especially from former atheists), look into Jesus’ impact on society such as what year we are in right now and why, look into the historical evidence of Christianity, look science stated in the Bible before humans discovered it. Look into the archeological evidence for Christianity. Look into the laws of logic especially cause and effect and how that would point to a creator along with many other things. That should give you a great place to start if you are skeptic you shouldn’t just trust me on the matter. You should seek out all these things to the fullest.*

    A less sophisticated atheist/agnostic might take this approach:
    “If God is real he knows what will convince me.” This is fallacious for several reasons but one is that you’re assuming God hasn’t put all the evidence out there for us to find. It’s presupposing God wants truth to seek us and for us not to seek truth. All the evidence of human history has clearly refuted that faulty thinking. I would also ask the atheist/agnostic how much research have you done with an open mind? God says a heart seeking him finds him so are you researching with the point of view that you’ll accept and worship God if he’s true? Have you read apologetics books? Have you watched intelligent Christian theists debates, lectures, or conversations? Have you read the Bible and studied it’s context? Ect.

    If you research this while pursuing nothing but the truth with an open heart with all objections aside you will find God. I personally don’t have enough faith to be an atheist. It requires much more faith to deny all of the evidence towards theism and believe one of the many fallacious explanations of what was before the Big Bang. I’m confident enough in the evidence where I can advise people to research and seek truth themselves, rather than just take my word on it. Anyone who has “evidence against Christianity” I urge them to type in what that evidence is and watch a Christian apologist refute it. The Bible says those who seek God, find him.
    God bless you!

    Great resources:

    Frank Turek has quick short to the point YouTube videos on misconceptions about Christianity, evidence, and more great place to start. William Lane Craig has a great channel as well.

    Watch bishop Robert Barron vs cosmic skeptic debate. Watch Frank Turek vs Christopher Hitchens debate. Watch William Lane Craig debates. Watch John Lennox debates. Watch Frank Turek vs cosmic skeptic debate.

    “Is God a moral monster?” “I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist” “Stealing from God” and “A Case for Christ”

    Debate or discussion links:













    Scientific facts stated in the Bible

    How could the Bible know modern science 3,000 years ago in the Old Testament

    Trinity explanation for those confused

    DNA proves God

    Miracle literally caught on video.

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  33. Dilip Niraj on February 24, 2022 at 11:32 pm

    In case of that old man, the doctor calls him "mataji" mother goddess, signifying he’s a disciple of that man. Hence his testimony is doubtful and so is his experiment on "mataji"

  34. Joshua on February 24, 2022 at 11:36 pm

    You sound like @smacktalk

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    God and his Angels love us more than we’ll ever imagine ❤

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    this is ISLAM, subhanallah…..

  37. Fefek1 on February 24, 2022 at 11:40 pm

    While some of these may not be real miracles but pure luck, some are unexplainable and likely real ♥️

    God is kind and wants everyone else to be. Don’t be racist, don’t be a hater. Don’t be homophobic, don’t shame on other religions. Be a good person! Being hateful for any reason is bad, even it’s for a religious reason such as some people considering homosexuality a sin, doesn’t mean u can hate it! Or because someone else isn’t Christian, don’t hate them! Don’t pressure them to become one! It’s their choice.

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    Open your mind and heart .Be positive and you will see for yourself

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    I LOVE THIS SO MUCH it shows our Lord Jesus Christ send his angels to protect his future angels at the end of the day we are all just his children and it doesn’t matter black white green purple we are all his children all you have to do is ask him to come into your life he will listen

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    God must really hate those people he doesn’t bother to save. What a load of garbage!!!

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