Discover the Bible Study Basics: Keys to Unlocking God’s Word


Do you ever feel like your time in God’s Word just isn’t bearing the fruit you want it to? I mean, studying your Bible seems easy enough.You sit down. You open your Bible. And you read it…right?But, what happens when you follow the logical steps, and you still feel like there is something missing?  Like your study time is not really bearing any fruit.A fruitful Bible study is one where you learn more about God’s heart through the Love letter He has left for you.But there is only one Person who can teach you how to study the Bible that way – The Holy Spirit!And He is your first Bible Study Basics Key. With the help of God’s Spirit, your study time can become your time alone with the very Words of the Living God. An intimate exchange where you become willing clay in the hands of the Potter….Let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes.Put on your new nature,created to be like God—truly righteous and holy.- Ephesians 4:23-24 (NLT)Now that you have discovered the most important key to unlocking God’s Word, it is time to learn a few techniques that will open your study time up to the Spirit of God.The two most used Bible study methods are reading the Bible by itself, and participating in some kind of guided Bible Study.  Here are a few Bible Study Basics keys that will help these methods bear more spiritual fruit in your life.Studying the Bible through in-depth scripture reading can make God’s Word come alive for you.  But, you will need to remember some of these Bible Study Basics Keys.Ink pens and highlighters are not the enemy!  Don’t be afraid to write in your Bible – it is one of the best ways to learn.Always pick a specific topic to focus on as your study.  Do you want to find out how to develop an attitude of praise through the Psalms, or search through the entire Bible to uncover God’s plan for fathers? Personalizing your study to what you need spiritually can help you stay motivated to pursue God’s Word.Use a Bible study notebook.  Keeping a running list of scriptures and what the Holy Sprint reveals to your heart is priceless.  You may also want to consider journaling on what specific scriptures mean to you, and how you they apply to your life.Doing your Bible study online, through a workbook or by attending a class is called guided Bible study.  These keys will help you make sure the Holy Spirit always remains your #1 Teacher, even during guided studies.Pray before you choose your guided study course, book, or website. Make sure it is really what you need spiritually at that specific time, and not merely what is being offered at your church or what is convenient.Always look up the scriptures your studies reference for yourself.  This way, you can read the surrounding verses, and gain a better understanding of the context in which the Word was originally given.  It also gives the Holy spirit a chance to take your studying to another level, and reveal things to you personally as you read.Keep a separate notebook to write down the things that you are learning as you go.  Write down things you are going to change in your life based on these new revelations.  If you come up with questions, jot them down, and begin researching the answers on your own.  Use a concordance to look up extra scriptures that are related to the topics that your study is covering, and add them to your notebook.If you are using free online Bible study lessons to do your studying, print them off and create your own Bible study workbook.  Find an old folder to put all of your Bible study online lessons in, and add in a few sheets of lined paper.  This way, you can make notes directly on the pages, answer the study questions, and even journal on the topics you are learning about.Of course, we all learn differently, and what works for one person won’t work for someone else. But, the most important Bible Study Basic Key is to allow the Holy Spirit to be your primary guide through God’s Word.  He is the One who will guide you into unlocking all truth (John 16:13).

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