Image of the Beast


“Join us and Reach the Most Important Mission Field in the World for Christ! – Many of the seasoned men of God we’ve recruited to lead discipleship ministries to leaders in the United States and in foreign nations have said they’ve long felt called to minister to elected officials but weren’t sure how to do it. With so many mature Christian men telling us the same thing, we believe strongly that God is involved in leading them to us. We believe God is growing this ministry that purposes to make disciples of Jesus Christ in the political arena of the world.” (source)

When men, who think they are righteous, unite with the state to compel the world into subjection, they are not doing the Lord’s work, but Satan’s – Jesus said “My kingdom is NOT of this world.” (John 18:36)

And what is the outcome of these Evangelical leaders ‘discipling’ the civil leaders? Well, what did one civil representative from Wiconsin say recently, thanking Capitol Ministries for their work? THAT THE LAW OF THE LAND SHOULD BE IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. And how do they read the 4th commandment? That the Sabbath has been replaced with Sunday. So what LAW will they seek to enforce, according to how they read the ten commandments? THE SUNDAY LAW! And thus Rome gets her mark enforced upon the world through her daughter churches – the fallen Protestant\Evangelical churches.

“The United States, notwithstanding its mild profession of religious freedom, takes the lead in this final work of extolling and enforcing Sunday by strong legal enactments; other nations catch the spirit and follow the example of the United States. In doing this they not only worship the papacy that brought about the change of the Sabbath as set forth in these prophetic words: ‘And he shall speak great words against the Most High, and shall wear out the saints of the Most High, and think to change times and laws’; they also worship the image of the papacy formed by the United States.” (American Sentinel, New York, March 15, 1900, Vol.15, No.11, p.168)

Foreign nations will follow the example of the United States. Though she leads out, yet the same crisis will come upon our people in all parts of the world.” (Testimonies for the Church, No.7, p.395)

Please learn the TRUTH about God’s holy 7th day Sabbath – the ONLY day He has ever ‘blessed.’

Look at the plans of Capitol Ministries – “Capitol Ministries’ long-term objectives include creating discipleship Bible studies to legislators and public servants in all 50 U.S. states, in 200 foreign nations, in three branches of government in Washington, D.C., and to city and county commissioners in neighborhoods across the United States. Globally, Capitol Ministries has successfully planted directors in eight of the ten strategic geographical regions in the world. Each director is charged with recruiting ministry leaders to plant discipleship ministries in foreign federal capitols to teach the Bible and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to political leaders in keeping with the Great Commission.” (source)

In keeping with the great commission? Is that what Jesus told the disciples to do? Go and unite with the governments? No, not at all. But there is a power that has called the churches to unite with the governments of the world, and that is the Papal Church of Rome – that first beast of Revelation 13. She is influencing her ‘daughters’ to unite with the states, in order to cause the states to enforce her mark upon the world.

We reported just this past week how hundreds of pastors were meeting ‘behind closed doors’ seeking to run for civil office, and this movement in the Evangelical community to gain control of government is growing all the time. And what will happen as the troubles around the world keep increasing? ‘Religious’ laws will be enforced to try and bring ‘peace’ back to this world.

But does God need help from man? No! God is in control. So we should leave Him do His work in the world. All we need to focus on is being a light to the world around us, directing people to Jesus Christ and leaving the Holy Spirit to convict. We must NEVER force anyone to go against their conscience, as God Himself never even does that.

But there is one who does force people against their conscience, and that is Satan. And it is the spirit of the devil that is behind this movement, which God prophesied in Revelation 13, whereby the world would be forced to conform to the fallen churches of Babylon, who are now ‘riding’ the beast – controlling the governments of the world, just like the Papal Church of Rome did during the dark ages. And what happened then? FORCED conversion or persecution! This is coming again!

These Evangelical and Catholic leaders are deceived into thinking that they are going to convert the whole world and bring in a time of peace, whereby Christ is going to come and reign from Israel. And they ignore the plain scriptures which tell us that “the way” is a NARROW way and only “FEW find it.” (Matthew 7:14). Jesus even said Himself, looking forward to the end … “when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth.” (Luke 18:8). Does that sound like the world is going to be converted? No. But these leaders truly believe they are going to convert the world. Sadly, it will be a FORCED ‘conversion’, which is no true conversion at all.

The only ‘mass conversion’ this world is going to see is in ‘worshiping the beast and it’s image.’ But that will bring death, not life!

The time is soon upon us friends. What God prophesied would take place in the last days is coming to pass. Please don’t follow the world. Please don’t follow the various churches or church leaders. Instead, give your life to Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God and He will save you. Life can only be found in the Lord Jesus Christ. We don’t need anyone in this world other than Christ, as we are COMPLETE IN HIM. Time is running out. Let us be ready in Him!


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