Dispensation Seven Periods of Time

There is a progressive revelation of God’s plans and purposes of life for man, called the dispensation of time. When one studies the dispensations of time, one can systematically understand the periods of biblical time. By referring to a dispensation it allows man to understand the performances of stewardship in various time periods. Therefore, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (God) has chosen to reveal himself to man during these periods of time.

There are seven periods of time throughout the Bible: 

  1.  Innocence
  2. Conscience
  3. Human Government
  4. Promise
  5. Law
  6. Grace
  7. Kingdom Age

Within the parameters of each stage of time are important periods to mankind.   

In the Old Testament the time period for Innocence (Genesis 2:25) “And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.” Therefore, proving their innocence. Within this realm, man and woman enjoyed fellowship with God.  By having fellowship with God, He allowed them to oversee the earth making them stewards of the globe.  However, there was disobedience between Man and God.  This resulted in sin and death within the promises of our creator.

The next dispensation of time is Conscience (Genesis 3:1-8) that resulted from sin.  Man’s conscience, the temptations and fall of man, brought about man being tempted and falling into sin.  Then man’s conscience brought about the sacrificial blood redemption covering man’s sin. This was due to man’s guided conscience to act in accordance with God by calling upon the name of the Lord thus restoring the fellowship with Him. 

The next dispensation of time is Human Government where man was responsible for governing the earth for God, was then instituted.  The law of capital punishment was established, that whosoever sheddeth man’s blood, by man should his blood be shed.   The Babel men were forced to scatter to replenish the earth after building the Babel tower and city.

The next dispensation of time is the Promise (Genesis 12:1-3) God promises an everlasting blood covenant made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that their heirs with many promised blessings.  Within The Covenant (Genesis 17:10-14) terms, all who believed and obeyed could share the promises of the Covenant terms.

The next dispensation of time is the Law.  God’s Covenant is the laws that govern all life and activities for Israel.  This law exposed man’s dreadful sins and dead spirit to prepare man for Christ coming.

The next dispensation of time is Grace.  The new Covenant laws were written in hearts to show God’s great love and Grace in redeeming man from sin with God’s, by dying on Calvary His own blood.  A new spiritual kingdom for all was established through faith acceptance in His salvation becomes sons of God. 

The next dispensation of time is Kingdom Age.  For a thousand years, Jesus returns to rule and reign on earth with the faithfulness from every dispensation thus, righteousness and peace prevails.  Time ends, at the white throne judgment and eternally begins.

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