Christian Motivational Speaker In Atlanta For Faith-Based Events

Christian Motivational Speaker In Atlanta For Faith-Based Events Christian motivational speaker in Atlanta for faith-based events. Pastor Rod Parsley Interviews Rene Godefroy on Trinity Broadcasting Network TBN. Listen to Rene as he shares his journey from poverty in a small Haitian village to the pinnacle of the American Dream.

His message No Condition is Permanent gives his listeners the inspiration and motivation they need to change their situation. As a Christian motivational speaker, Rene speaks at church events to testify how great God is and how He can transform lives.

It’s the story of persistence, determination, and strong beliefs. Most people would have given up if they had to go through what Rene went through. He arrived in the US with only $5, two shirts, one pair of pants, and unable to speak any English. His journey in this country at first was really difficult for Him.

But his faith and strong Christian beliefs were what kept him strong through his challenges. Today, Rene is living the American Dream. He continues to remind his audiences to never give up. He reminds them of their God-given gifts and talents.

His primary aim is to encourage Christians to walk by faith, not by sight. Most people give up on life because they are not seeing the results fast enough. Sometimes they are so close to winning but they walk away. Faith is what everyone should hold on to.

Hopefully, Rene’s testimonial will give your church members a boost of motivation and inspiration to keep pressing on and fight a good fight. His encouragement inspires many during difficult times to strengthen their faith and put their armor on.

If you are having a faith-based event or conference and you need a powerful Christian motivational speaker with moving testimony, consider Rene Godefroy. Whether it’s a pastor’s appreciate or men fellowship program, Rene would be a perfect fit for you this year. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia.


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    You are a fascinating inspiration, wow!

  2. Allison B. B. on October 22, 2022 at 2:49 am

    Haiti is not poor

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