Are Miracles All Around Us?

We have to look first at what it is that we are doing every moment of every day, all the time: we are manifesting.

That’s right. We are creating our world all around us, all the time. You may think this is crazy talk, but just read up on some of the quantum physicist’s writings the last twenty years and you’ll discover that there is a ton of evidence that says that with our consciousness, our minds, and the power we have within us, we bring what is floating around in the Universe as potential, and focus it into becoming reality each moment.

If you haven’t seen the move, “What the BLEEP Do We Know?” yet, well, you’re missing out on the greatest power imaginable — the power to create that you have, right now.

Even if you don’t believe this idea, you have to at least admit that we are creating our lives through our reactions and responses to what shows up in our lives. If we can start with that premise, than we can go somewhere together today.

So what are miracles, and why aren’t you seeing more of them each day?The best definition I can come up with for the word “miracle” comes from the dictionary: A person, thing or event that inspires admiring awe.

Awe. That’s the key word for me. When events happen through serendipity, they take my breath away because they are so awe-inspiring.

Here’s one: I recently had a person come out of the blue to me and say, “I really love your work, your writing, and the spirit behind what you’re doing. I’d like to become your marketing director for your seminars, ebooks, and keynote speeches, and do so on a direct percentage basis. You only pay me if I prove myself valuable to you.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but that’s a miracle in my book!I believe that the more we look to see these miracles, the more they happen.

And the more they happen, the more we’ll see them.

It all starts with intention. What is your intention regarding miracles in your life?Here’s a test for the reality of your intention about miracles, if you can’t figure out the answer to the question above. What do you tell people when they ask you, “How’s it going?”

If you find yourself giving one of these types of responses:

“Not bad, but there’s some yucky stuff going on, and let me tell you about it…”

“Good. Well, pretty good. Actually, not so good.”

Or any response that leads you into a story of woe…

Then your focus is on something other than miracles in your life. And the more we focus on something other than miracles in our life, the more we get something other than miracles in our life. Pretty simple formula, actually.

Is this for real, this idea of the more we focus, the more what we’re focusing on shows up?It’s the essence of the quantum physicists’ idea: focus of consciousness brings energy into reality.

How about a simple test? Try this: bring a picture to mind of something in life: could be an apple, or a cat, or clouds, or someone you love and care about. Hold that thought for a minute, feeling the feelings that come with it.

Now, set the intention that you will come across the manifestation of this picture sometime soon. Then let the picture go from your consciousness.

Over the next day or so, keep an eye out for when, and if, your focused item shows up for you in your life. It happens to me all the time. From new clients to favorite food, from money to a hug, when I focus on something now it shows up, sometimes within minutes, sometimes a day or so later.

Coincidence, you say? Maybe. But what fun is that to believe in??!!I encourage you to look for miracles. Seek them out. And if you get an attitude reading this short article on miracles, and say to yourself, “Bah, humbug”, and check that attitude at the door.

Does that attitude make your life better? Nope? So leave it behind!Search out those miracles in your life. They’re there. Trust me, just this once. The more you’ll look for themFind Article, the more they’ll begin showing up.

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