Advice for Teenage Girls: 4 Relationship Tips To Be Happier


Being a teenager is much different than being a woman in your 20’s or older – it’s a time fora lot of emotional turmoil that produces tears and, usually, a very hurt heart. This is not because teenage girls are all crazy; I’m saying this because teenage girl’s hormones are irrational, and life experience has had its sobering affect yet!So if you are a teenage girl in a relationship, then take the following 5 tips to heart. They will help you be happier with yourself and your relationships. They will also allow you to move into your 20’s and beyond with a much better understanding of what is healthy in a relationship and what is not.1. Avoid DramaDrama in a movie is good, but drama in a relationship is not.  If you feel like you are on an emotional roller-coaster then it may be time to breakup. Drama is not healthy for you and doesn’t belong in a happy relationship. A relationship full of drama will eventually end in a breakup. So, if you can’t get the drama under control, then breakup while you can. You don’t want to be telling everyone a year from now – I wish I would have dumped his ass a year ago! That will be wasted time that you can never get back!2. Realize That He May Not Be CommittedJust because you see the future in great detail doesn’t mean he will because teenage boys are much more likely to see – well the present moment. If he doesn’t want to discuss a future together then don’t push it. Just know that if you are in a relationship with him later on in life he will be willing to talk about it. If you can’t deal with the lack of commitment then get out of the relationship. You are not going to change his mind any time soon, and it is just going to cause you a lot of pain in the process.   3.Keep in Mind That You Have a Lot of Life Ahead of YouI know that breaking up or being in a bad relationship can feel like your life sucks, but you have to remember that there is tons of living ahead of you. This moment in time WILL one day be viewed as a small part of your life. In fact, the chances of you remembering any negative moments with the capacity that you feel now, are pretty much slim to none.Always look forward to your future happiness, no matter how back it seems. This may help you see that this moment is not the deciding factor about who you are and where you are going.4. Don’t Ever Live in a State of UnhappinessTeenage girls can sometimes take the focus off of themselves and put in on their boyfriend. I know, I was there!  What you need to remember is that your happiness is what life is all about. The biggest regret many women have about their teenage years is not being happy during them. So don’t be one of the women! Enjoy yourself, and if your boyfriend or relationship is not making you happy then get out of it! You are the only one responsible for your happiness, so be happy always!

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