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“Does God really love us? If he does, how can he let us suffer?” “Has the Bible been able to solve all your life’s problems so far?” These questions may have been expressed by someone else, but how many times have you pondered over similar questions to yourself? Now you can place your Christian questions and get them answered by responsible Christians all over the world. How often have we encountered circumstances in life where we stand in crossroads, confused about which path to take, whom to ask or how to proceed? These are the times when we yearn for an answer to all our questions, when we want a divine guidance to lead us out of the tangle to a brighter world. Sometimes, all we need is a tiny spiritual nudge to move us in the right direction. Everyone has questions to put before God. Don’t think it’s wrong to ask questions about God. Questions are good because knowing the answer makes our assurance in God stronger. Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Bible, John 8:32 The internet’s a good place to get the best answers for your Christian questions. place your Christian questions in an online community to get Christian answers from believers situated across all continents on earth. What’s so good about this? You get answers for your Christian questions from common people, individuals who have asked these questions themselves and discovered the answers through devotion. These Christian question and answer sessions not only reinforce your faith in God, they also give you a new strength and a conviction to face the world. There are a few sites where you can get your Christian questions answered by brothers and sisters from all over the world. One of them is This forum website permitsyou to ask questions and post Christian answers for questions asked by others. You need to register to join this forum. Your questions maybe about God, faith, your personal issues, marriage or any doubts you have regarding Christianity. Just ensure your questions are precise, pertaining to Christianity and serious. Religion is not something to be joked about. There are 13 categories to which your questions may pertain. Your questions may be under the “General Christian Questions” section or anything related to apostles, Bible, church, clergy, Family, God etc. When you submit a question, if you want to include a quote from the Bible, you don’t have to type in the full quote. Just type the name of the “book”, the chapter and the verse numbers. Readers can view the quote by moving their mouse over the verse number. Now we’ve viewed the guidelines to ask questions. Next we’ll see how your Christian questions are answered in the online community with a single example – “Does God really love us? If he does, how can he let so many bad things happen?” This was a question asked recently by a member. The answer given by another user is “God does love us. John 3:16 proves this” (16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.) As you can see, this not only answers the question, but also moves us towards the path of righteousnessArticle Submission, towards God. Join now to get a burst of inspiration!

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