Christian Home Based Business

Sit down and think about what your Christian values are and how you want to incorporate them into your Christian home based business.  It is okay to want to make a profit, as long as money does not rule what you do.  If you looking at customer service in your home based business, you want to promote a Christian ethic of treating customers how you would like to be treated.  Remember, consumers are looking for you to exhibit the best Christian values in your Christian home based business.

Once you have your values listed, you also want to set your goals.  Do you want to use your business just to make a living, or do you have a higher purpose?  Is your Christian home based business going to be a witnessing tool or is being a Christian home based business more of a reflection on upstanding standards?  What kind of profit do you want to make in your Christian home based business and how do you want to get there?  Make both short term and long term goals and be sure to have a way to assess how you meet those goals.

As your Christian home based business grows, you will want to find ways to manage your money effectively.  Stewardship is a very important value for a Christian home based business owner to have.  Make sure you have a budget that can grow with your company and you plan ahead for both the lean and surplus times in your Christian home based business.  If accounting is not your strength, find a computer program or obtain professional help to make sure you are managing your finances well.

Also, finding balance between your personal and business life is important.  God did not mean for any person to work all the time, after all He created the Sabbath day for us to rest from work.  If God created time to rest, then as a Christian home based business owner, you should find some time to live your personal life, too.  Not only will it make you happier, but it will make your work seem more exciting and fresh rather than a chore.

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