Are the Christian Bible Stories True?

Is it possible to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Bible is the truth?  What of all the Christian propaganda?  Are Christians not just lying hypocrites after your money?  Read this article to find out if the Bible stories are true.

I have heard many people comment that the Christian Bible (Old and New Testament) is untrue.  In fact, a woman I once worked with was utterly disgusted with the Bible because “it was written by a bunch of men”.  Is the Bible simply a clever collection of stories and virtues that a group of men dreamed up?

When I was a teenager, I loathed high school history.  History class was where I caught up on my sleep, until we covered life during World War II.  The people, places, lifestyle, battles, and war tactics all fascinated me; and having 1930’s and 40’s film footage only enhanced my fascination with the time period.  Often I pictured the scene I watched in full color, as if I was right there in the middle of the action.

Fifty years later, our textbooks teach about those evil German and Japanese tyrants who were bent on conquering the world.  I took it as truth, and maybe it was, but I wonder what German and Japanese textbooks read like?

To gain civilian favor, military personnel on either side of the war used propaganda.  Embellished war stories and outright lies were reported in the media to re-enforce enemy detestation.

More and more, I am confronted with people that believe Christians are nothing more than liars and hypocrites who bring judgment upon sinners and fill their pockets with riches from naïve believers.  Unfortunately, in some instances, those people are correct.  There are a number of wolves dressed in Christian clothing that prey upon weak minds, but lumping all Christians into that category is no more fair than calling all Muslims “terrorists”. 

In both cases, wolves get all the media attention.  Consequently, any sheep curious enough to explore heavenly pastures are hindered, adding fuel to the fires of those who reject God outright. 

According to many, Christians spread propaganda that destroys the freethinker.  They twist the Bible to backup their charges, or when all else fails, claim the bible is untrue or out-dated.  Furthermore, any time a Christian defends his/her beliefs, he/she is automatically considered prejudiced because of those beliefs and all arguments are rendered inadmissible and subsequently discarded. 

From a Christian perspective, that is not frustrating at all…

The question I have to the atheist folks dismissing Christian arguments is: How objective are you?  Are you not arguing from the opposite belief (ie. the belief that there is no God)?  Does that not make your arguments inadmissible?

In my opinion, unbelievers are no less blinded by their own “belief” than Christians allegedly are, and the funny thing is God warned us in the Bible of this situation thousands of years ago.  Then again, the Bible is nothing more than a multi-thousand year old piece of propaganda distributed to swindle the naïve, right?

I do not believe it is, however, I am a thirty-five year old Christian male Caucasian, father of two, and husband of one.  For all you know, I am trying to deceive non-white single atheist females with no kids into thinking that the Bible exists only for individuals that match my physical profile.

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