Long Distance Relationship Advice – How To Make It Work And Last


Absence does not always make the heart grow fonder, so here is some long distance relationship advice to keep you two together and make your relationship last. There are additional hurdles when you are separated from your mate by miles and travel time, so let us discuss overcoming them.Depending on the situation that has separated you from your loved one by a long distance, you may be content to just keep the relationship alive. The truth is, though, with a little help you can maybe even make it thrive.The first thing for you to do is make sure the two of you are in agreement on the basics of the relationship. By basics I mean:You are in love and in a serious relationship with each other  You both would like the relationship to endure through the time you are apart  You both agree that you are not going to see other people during this time apartThe last point may seem like a no brainer, but I actually had a friend once who had a long distance relationship with a bright, attractive and dedicated woman. During that time he was telling me of his exploits while he was away and I asked if he was still with the woman I knew. His response was “an out of town fling is not cheating”. I was floored, and apparently she found out about his escapades and did not agree with him. They broke up.Needless to say, this long distance relationship advice is for people who both feel the relationship has the potential to be life long.With that behind us, analyze the communication skills of both you and your partner. Consider how you intend to communicate while apart. Telephone calls are probably OK because I am guessing you two know each other well enough to understand “body language” even over the phone.In today’s world of electronic communication, understand a common saying in the computer world:”It can take years to develop a relationship, but only one misunderstood email to destroy it.”There is no tone or inflection in an email or text message to let the other person know that you are joking or that what you (mis) typed is not what you meant for real. There can also be time lags between the communication that can really let a persons imagination run wild and blood boil hot.So be careful how you communicate to ensure there is no miscommunication that could leave wounded feelings, even for a short time.Here is the flip side of that coin, though. If you can get your communication style worked out well between you two then you can actually end up with a stronger relationship than most people who are physically together.Communication is probably the key ingredient to keeping any relationship strong, so if you have that mastered then you are miles ahead of everyone else – pardon the pun.Another key ingredient to any relationship is trust. Since you cannot “check up” on what your partner is doing on a daily or even weekly basis, you really have to trust each other for any long distance relationship to work.Therefore, if either of you are the insecure type and have trouble trusting your mate then my advice is to reconsider attempting a long distance relationship. Chances are you will find yourself wondering if the other person is being true to you.Make sense so far?Continue with my long distance relationship advice at our website which is dedicated to building and repairing serious relationships and marriages.We have one of the greatest resources available for immediate download also. The address is http://www.RelationshipAdviceHelp.com.

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