Churches: Fundraiser Ideas

Church fundraisers can be an easy way to raise some
additional money for any church. To maximize costs, it may be beneficial to
have a fundraiser with either little out of pocket expense or no cost. Some
free or nearly free fundraisers are to have a rummage sale.

 To start you simply
ask members of the church and possibly the community to donate items.
Volunteers will be needed to go through the items and to price them. The
location of the rummage sale should either be someplace like the basement or
possibly the parking lot, if the weather is cooperating. The only cost will be
any advertising costs and any supplies that you may need (ie. stickers).

Another fundraiser is to host a bake sale. Members of the
church can simply bring in a baked good that they have all ready packaged into
individual servings. A bake sale can be a great addition to a rummage sale or
it can be a sale by itself. If the church can spend a little more money on the
fundraiser and if they do not need the money immediately, they can get in
contact with a company that prints cookbooks.

Members can submit recipes and the recipes are supplies to
the company for compilation. A deposit will most likely be due when the order
is placed. If the church has the kitchen spaceFind Article, members could donate supplies
and have a spaghetti dinner or maybe a pancake breakfast. A simple sign in the
church yard will be advertising enough to bring people to your dinner or

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