Christian Marriage Advice Regarding Sex Life


Marriage comprises of intellectual, emotional and spiritual components. In order for the couple to enjoy a happy, healthy and lasting marriage, there should also be sexual intimacy between the husband and the wife.  To bring about sexual intimacy, there should be marriage, love and the sexual act itself.  Love is commonly misunderstood by many people as something that should meet one’s needs; nevertheless, true love means giving in order to meet the other person’s needs.  While some people will argue that one does not need marriage in order to perform the intercourse, yet you cannot truly experience the real and complete sexual act intended by the Creator.  Sex without the two other components can leave you empty, feeling guilty and dissatisfied.  Sexual intimacy in marriage is also comprised of essential constituents that couples need to understand and acquire in their relationship.  Values.  A couple needs to share common values with one another in order to create harmony and utmost intimacy.  This will not only concern the sexual and intimate relationship between husband and wife. For the other areas of marriage, conflicting beliefs and perspective will most likely lead to problems. Nonetheless, the couple should remember that they agreed to be united in marriage. Therefore, even though there are a lot of indifferences between them, they need to compromise. They need to set a common goal, to let their different values meet at a certain point in order to eliminate conflicts.  Care. When it comes to caring for your spouse, you ought to keep in mind that you need to be able to provide him or her pleasure in the sexual act. It is a common problem between husbands and wives wherein one complains that the other merely performs sex just for the sake of fulfilling his or her own needs.  In order to experience a true intimate act in marriage, you need to think of ways on how to make your spouse happy and satisfied, not just considering your personal satisfaction.  Remember that any relationship involves giving and taking; it also applies to sexual intimacy.Time and commitment.  These are also crucial components in marriage and intimacy in marriage.  Oftentimes, as a spouse becomes quite busy in work or in any pursuit, time for the sexual act is compromised.  Due to the exhaustion one feels from working during the day, the special time to be together in bed suddenly becomes non-existent.  Eventually, the couple drifts apart from one another. In sexual intimacy, it does not necessarily mean you need to allot a lot of time on it. Even if you consume sexual act within a short period of time, if you put your complete thought and emotions on it; you will have the most exquisite experience of all.  All you need to do is manage time wisely and effectively so that you and your spouse will continue to grow together intimately. Communication.  Finally, there is the need to communicate.  This component makes any relationship functional. Proper communication means telling what you want to your spouse; as well as listening and understanding what your spouse needs to say.  Without communication, the whole relationship will crumble and fall apart. In sexual act, you have to tell your spouse what you want, what you need and what excites you so that he or she can comply; and vice versa.

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